Life after college

Lauren Stevens is a contributing writer and editor of Chicago-News a free weekly publication in the Chicago-area and a lover of all things food-related and comedy. In 2013 she graduated with her bachelors in broadcast journalism from UNLV and made her big move from the Southwest to the Midwest. Loving every minute of life she now calls the beautiful land of Chicago her home where she lives and more importantly laughs as a current student of the Second City training center.

The world can be a scary place. A place with room for errors and mistakes, wrong turns and missteps. A place full of uncertainty and confusion. I would know. I graduated back in 2013 with a degree in broadcast journalism. A degree that can take you in a million exciting and intriguing new directions, but also a degree that requires hustle and determination. From a very early age I was lucky enough to learn the real facts of life, that nothing is simply given to you. That nothing worthwhile will ever come easy. These are lessons I’m so grateful to have learned earlier on that now in my adulthood have made me the person that I am. I’ve always worked hard and have known that in order to make my dreams a reality I had to persevere and channel all my focus and attention into to make it happen. When I finished college I knew that the end of my college career wasn’t the end, but merely the beginning of a huge, bright and uncertain future. Once you’ve finally finished school, the world opens up. You’re no longer limited to what’s around you, but the whole world is within your reach. Make a list. Write your goals and find a way for those very goals to happen. If you’re not sure exactly what it is that you want to know that’s fine to. Writing has always helped me to figure out what’s going on in this vast, complex and contradicting mind of mine. A way to see everything laid out in front of me. To make plans and ultimately make things happen. However you need to get to the point of realizing what it is you want is up to you, but that’s my preference. I knew I wanted to end up in Chicago and I knew that in order to get there, I had to physically pack up my belongs and move across the country. As silly as that sounds, sometimes people just think things will happen eventually or they may one day set out to do things, but your first moments out of college is your chance. Your golden opportunity for big changes. One of the first times and perhaps the last time you’ll be completely free of obligations like a family or kids or a serious career. This is the time to be where you want to be and start your life around that. When I first moved to Chicago, I had a few dollars to my name and a dream. The dream to break into both the worlds of journalism and improv in the Windy City. I can honestly say it hasn’t been an easy year I’ve definitely had my bouts of, “Am I doing the right thing? Is this where I’m supposed to be?” Without the comfort of the things I grew up with and the people that I love most around to fall back on, I had one thing. My ambition. As long as you stay strong and stay true to yourself it’s amazing the things you can do. I am now an editor and contributing writer for a weekly publication in the city and have just finished my first term at the infamous Second City comedy training center. If you can take away anything from all of this, I hope that it is the fact to follow your dreams and never let anyone take away your shine. You got this! Best of luck and dream big.

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