What not to do on a date

With dating, sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. Go into every date with this prespective because honestly, a lot of times when it doesn’t work it’s not your fault. There are genuinly a lot of men out there that are not the right ones and in the end, compatability is the exception not the rule.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of small things women do unwittingly that may detract from their dating success rate. The first is discussing your ex. No matter how much you might think it will help to tell a guy how much better he is in comparison, it’s a terrible move. It looks like your still hung up on them, and that’s not attractive.

Next, don’t talk excessively about people he doesn’t know yet. Your best friend may be the greatest person in the world to you, but he doen’t know her and the topic of conversation will wither him if you go on too long. It’s hard for people to relate and form connections to obscure references.

Also, definitely don’t bring up your cat. Whether he is an animal lover or not, he will more than likely not care much about her until he meets her. Men are very visual and tactile creatures and they don’t often form emotional connections to things they haven’t experienced first hand. Then there’s always that gorgeous pop culture reference to the crazy cat lady. Steer clear.

We live in a progressive world and while most men will offer to cover the check, it’s not polite to assume that. Especially when you are both struggling college students. If you don’t offer to at least split it, you will come off insensitive and stingy.

The most important approach to dating is to keep an open mind. Give them a chance, and they will give you a chance. We all make snap judgements, but it’s those who stick to them that miss out on the best parts of life.

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