What Not to do on a First Date

While keeping a flow of conversation is important on a first date, keeping a flow of pleasant and useful conversation is equally as important. Here are a few things you should probably not bring up on a first date.

Health Problems
It may come as a surprise to you, but your date is not necessarily interested in all of your health problems, at least on a first date. Telling your date you have serious heartburn may be an attention getter, but it’s probably not a very good one. Your date does not want to sit through 2 hours of you moaning and groaning about the problems you experience health-wise. Also, your date is probably not interested in talking about your Aunt who just had surgery on her back. Health problems at the dinner table can lead to serious mood kills.

Don’t Talk About Your Ex
This should probably be rule number one. Do not bring up your ex in any way. It is just as bad to talk highly of your ex than to talk down on him or her. This will either make you appear as a jerk or that you haven’t completely let go of your ex girlfriend or boyfriend emotionally. This will probably make your first date your last, so stay away from talking about your ex.

Don’t Talk About Sports
If you are a guy, you probably love football or baseball or any sport at all. Now, you may have found yourself a rare girl who is a football fanatic but, chances are, you didn’t. Try not to bring up how upset you are about last weeks game or what team you are betting on for the Super Bowl. Even if the girl loves sports, it isn’t ideal dinner conversation for a first date.

These are just a few things to stay away from talking about on a first date.

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