Personal assistant skills

When it comes to being a personal assistant, you usually work for one person. Your duty and job is to provide support and time manage your manager’s schedule. You will also have certain administrative tasks that you will need to complete as well.
Some people are not meant to be a personal assistant. There are certain skills that are needed in order for you to be successful in this career. Continue reading to see what skills you should have as a personal assistant.
• A calm and professional demeanor. The last thing your boss will want is someone who is scatter-brained or frantic when it comes to executing and completing tasks. Most personal assistants are cool, calm, and collected and will try to complete all their responsibilities with as little stress as possible. If your boss is having a bad day, you can’t let it affect what you need to do.
• Excellent organizational skills. Since you are in charge of your boss’s schedule, you must be as organized as possible. Messy desks and unfiled papers can lead to missed appointments and overbooking. Make the effort to be as neat as possible and to organize everything accordingly. It will make your job a lot less stressful and easier.
• The ability to multitask. When it gets busy, you will have to execute and complete more than one responsibility. You must keep in mind that you also need to do a sufficient job on each task as well. In order to multitask properly, you should make sure you have efficient time management skills so you can give all your tasks an adequate amount of time.
• You must have tact. Sometimes you will need to use your discretion when it comes to the way you answer requests and questions from your boss (this is especially true if he is having a bad day). Being tactful not only avoids certain confrontations, it shows you are professional enough to not let certain things get under your skin.
• Impeccable attention to detail. This goes along with your organizational skills. You must pay attention to everything you receive and send out. Small details can come back to haunt you if you weren’t paying attention. When you receive paperwork, messages, or even phone calls, make sure to pay attention.
• Excellent customer service skills. Besides dealing with your boss, you will have to interact with the people he interacts with as well. It’s important that you have excellent customer service skills to create lasting relationships for your superior. You are a representation of him and need to be polished and professional at all times, regardless of what the situation is.
• Flexibility. Sometimes things will not go as planned. It’s important to be able to think out of the box and find a solution quickly to the situation. Don’t freeze under pressure, instead think of other ways you can approach the situation that will satisfy all parties. Rigidity in any career or profession prevents growth.

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