What Qualities Do You Need to Be a Bartender?

Bartenders need to have certain traits and qualities in order to be successful. Let’s face it, no one enjoys a sullen, unpleasant bartender when they are out wanting to have a good time with their friends. If you are thinking of pursuing a career as a bartender, you need to possess some of these qualities in order to be successful.
• An outgoing personality. Besides knowing how to create delicious cocktails, you need to be friendly and outgoing. Bartenders interact with customers on a daily basis and need to always have a pleasant persona. If you have a bad day at home, you need to figure out how to push it aside and not let it affect your job.
• You need to have basic math skills. Many bartenders will handle a great deal of money in between customers. You need to know how to make change quickly, customers don’t want to stand around while you are trying to figure out how much change they need, this is especially true if the bar is extremely busy.
• Excellent memory. You will not be successful as a bartender if you can’t remember the drinks the customer ordered. Constantly asking your customer to repeat his order will only frustrate him and might potentially have you lose a customer. Besides memorizing orders, you need to remember which drink goes to which customer if you plan on taking multiple orders.
• Be a team player. Unless it’s a quiet night, you will most likely work with another bartender in order to quell the crowd. You need to both know how to work as a team to get drinks out as efficiently and quickly as possible.
• Be knowledgeable in your liquors. There are plenty of liquors in the market and it continues to grow. Make sure to be on top the newest ones coming out and to have vast knowledge of all types of cocktails, wines, beers, and liquors. It will allow you to be confident and display you know what you are selling.
• Impeccable hygiene and grooming. Like a food server, you must be conscious of hygiene. Always have clean hands and avoid cross contamination. It is also extremely important to look presentable. No one wants a sloppy person to serve them their drink so be sure to have a neat appearance. If you have to wear a uniform, make sure it’s fitted and looks professional.
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