How to improve translation skills

A career in translating can not only be challenging, it can also be fulfilling as well. You can take pride in taking text or speech and converting it into another language while still keeping its subtext and true meaning. While a translating career isn’t something that is meant for everyone, there are people who suited for this career path if they have the necessary skills. If you are interested in a career in translating, then keep reading to see if you have the skills necessary.
• Attention to detail. Translating can at times be a meticulous job. You need to make sure that whatever you translating or converting stays as true to the original source as possible. Besides converting text or speech, you also need to revise as well. There will be times where you will need to revise your work over and over until you or your employer is satisfied with your work.
• Proofreading skills. This goes along with the attention to detail skill, but you must have impeccable grammatical and proofreading skills. Your translation may be great but unless you have the grammar to piece everything together, your hard work may be for naught. Make sure to hone your proofreading skills.
• Flexibility. When it comes to translation, there are many things that can change quickly. It’s up to you to be able to change and adapt to whatever is occurring. You must also be prepared to learn new skills and be efficient in these skills. It’s not surprising that down your translating career you will need to learn necessary skills such as transcription and copywriting. Don’t ever stay stagnant in your career as that can ultimately lead to less and less opportunities to advance in your career.
• Knowledge in the subject you are translating. There will be some translator’s that will need a master’s degree depending on the work they wish to do. Those interested in fields such as finance or engineering will need to be knowledgeable and specialize in these subjects. While not every translator will need a master’s degree, it’s important that you really understand and know about the subject you are translating.
• Organizational skills. When it comes to a career in translating, you will realize that this is a deadline driven job. You need to make sure to organize your time to meet all your deadlines without being highly stressed or aggravated. It is also important to keep on top of all your filing and paperwork as messy desks can lead to delays or even worse, mix-ups between your projects.
• Interpersonal skills. Not only will you have to interact with clients, you must have great networking skills with your co-workers. Often times you will work with other translators to revise or work on big projects together. It’s important to keep your relationships professional and to have great customer service skills. Remember that you will not get along with everyone but that doesn’t mean you should not be able to professionally work with them until the task is complete.

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