Librarian job skills

In today’s world, it’s extremely important for librarians to be able to deal and work in both the physical and digital world. In order to be successful in this career, you must be able to have certain skills. These skills will not only help you now in your current career, but it will also be vital to your success to your future. Keep reading about which skills are important for you to have as a librarian.
• The ability to curate information. One of the main roles of a library is to gather and curate information. This is something that will never go away so it’s essential for librarians to be proficient in information curation. The only thing that will change is the growth of volume and the various types of information. As a librarian you will have to evaluate and edit all the information that comes in your direction and determine which is the most valuable. You will then have to categorize and file all the information accordingly so it easy to retrieve.
• The ability to digitally preserve. You know what a library looks like, tons and tons of books along with magazines, and other documents however with the digital world on a steady rise, more and more physical books will begin to be digitally preserved. Also, much of the new content being released will already be in a digital format. As a librarian you will need to be able to preserve and have the knowledge to transfer a physical book into digital form. Being familiar with the certain systems and tools that will be used for the process will be very important.
• The ability to research independently. While many people prefer to the “do it yourself” method, with the world of information growing each day, there will be people who lack the research skills to find what they need. You will then become a viable resource to these users who need help. So you must be able to know how to get information quickly and thoroughly in a moderate time frame.
• The ability to navigate mobile devices. Again as the digital world continues to grow, there will be more ways to find and access information. You will need to have some basic knowledge on how to operate devices such as tablets or smartphones. You should be able to know their weaknesses and strong points and direct users in the right direction in how to use their devices for optimal research.
• The ability to work with others. Most of the time, librarians will prefer to work on their own but there will be times where they will need to go out of their comfort zone and work with others to procure information in group projects. Sometimes the librarian will have to assume a teaching role and advise the groups they are working with.
• Being able to adapt. There will be times where you will need to go with the flow and adapt in order to succeed in their career. Assume the roles you need to take in order to succeed and enjoy your career as a librarian.

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