What skills does a choreographer need

Besides having an intense passion for dance, there are certain skills you will need to have in order to become a successful choreographer. There skills, interests, and qualities make you more well-rounded as a dancer and choreographer and can expand your career so you will be able to create movement sequences for all genres and styles. Don’t pigeonhole yourself and stunt your growth when it comes to your career. Only those who use their skills to develop and flourish will excel in the career of their choosing. Here are some skills and qualities you should have if you wish to become a choreographer.
• A copious amount of dance experience. You must train your body in dance in order to understand it. You must also take the time to learn different styles and genres of dance. While you may want to become an expert in a certain style, you should still know the fundamentals and basics for other styles as well. You will have a higher chance being hired if you have an array of dance experience and knowledge.
• Strong communication skills. In order to get a point across, you will need to be able to express it. Choreographers are essentially teachers and need to be able to get dancers to understand the vision they have for the sequence. If you find you are great with teaching friends how to get certain dance steps or are quick to absorb the information your current choreographer teaches, you may have a knack for teaching. Being able to explain your point with ease also displays you have strong communication skills.
• Focus and patience. Like a teacher, you will experience some difficulty when it comes to certain dancers. They may not be able to get the move down right away or at all. This doesn’t mean you express your frustration. You need to focus on what is wrong and solve the issue. Being patient will more often than not pay off in the long haul. Short-tempered and impatient choreographers do nothing but add to the stress of the situation.
• You need to be creative. A choreographer is someone who can invent something creative and unique. You don’t want to create a sequence that is predictable or for lack of a better word, boring. Choreographers who are extremely creative and talented in inventing awe-inspiring sequences and movements will garner positive attention and have a better career than most. So think out of the box when it comes to creating dance numbers.
• Must be understanding and work well with other people. As stated before, some dancers may have a hard time understanding certain steps while others will pick up on it easily. You must understand that not everyone is as quick to learn and also realize that there may be something else hindering the dancer from executing her moves correctly. You don’t have to be chummy with your dancers, but you should have a basic understanding of their needs and how it can affect their performance.
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