Working for a non-profit organization

In order to get the funds you need for your organization’s cause or mission you must have certain personality traits and skills. Besides being passionate about the cause you must also be able to fulfill certain responsibilities and duties with efficiency. Keep reading to see if you have the skills necessary to be a successful non-profit worker.
• You must be a team player. Often times you will work with other people in order to complete an event or project. Also being a team player means that you are willing to help out with tasks that you are not responsible for despite how complicated or mundane they are. By showing you are willing to help out whenever the situation calls, it will display that you can handle more responsibility and you may be tasked with more important responsibilities.
• You must be personable. There will be times where you will have to speak to people on the phone. The easiest way to turn a person off is a negative attitude or demeanor. You want to present a pleasant and professional attitude. You must also be gracious with the donations you receive as they are helping your organization get closer to succeeding in their mission.
• You must not be shy. In many cases you will have to help lead volunteers or speak during public events. You cannot be shy or timid when it comes to situations because people are depending on you to be responsible for pointing them to where they need to go. Also, if you wish to advance in this career and one day become a non-profit organization director, you will definitely need to have an outgoing personality.
• You must be able to troubleshoot. Sometimes things do not go according plan. Non-profit organizations need people who will work with what they have and find a solution to the issue at hand all while having a smile on their face. If you show perseverance while in the face of setbacks you can be very successful in this career.
• You must a natural born leader. In order to lead, you must be confident and trust in yourself. Those who are unsure may not be the most ideal non-profit workers. It doesn’t mean you can’t work for the organization, but it does mean you may need to work behind the scenes or do something that doesn’t involve leading a volunteer group.
• You must be able to multitask. If you work for a small organization, you will see that you will have to perform many responsibilities. Not only will have to fulfill all the tasks at hand, but you must complete them in an orderly and timely fashion. When it comes to situations where you have many projects to tackle at once, it is ideal to prioritize and organize your tasks. This provides less of a chance for disorganization and a stressful environment.
• You must be passionate about your cause. Being passionate is one of the key things to being successful in this career. As with any other career if you do not enjoy what you do, or what you are doing it for, it’s better to look for another career that does make you passionate.

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