Key skills for office manager

In order to be a successful office administrator career, you will need to be able to handle any situation that can come your way. You help keep the office running for companies and business owners so it’s imperative to be good at what you do. Not everyone can have a successful career as an office administrator since there are certain skills that are needed and required. Keep reading if you wish to know what skills you should have to be successful in this occupation.
• Communication Skills. Being able to interact with all types of people is extremely important in this career. You will need to be able to communicate your messages, goals, and directives to co-workers, superiors, and customers alike. Projects and tasks are dependent on how you delegate and communicate with workers. Being able to give clear, concise, but professional instructions will be highly beneficial for your company and yourself. Besides oral communication skills, it’s important to also have excellent written communication as well. There will be times where you will not be able to directly communicate with your superiors, co-workers, or customers so you must have adequate written communication skills to get your message across.
• Organization Skills. No one can do a great job if they have a mess that follows them wherever they go. Be on top of staying organized and keeping everything neat and professional. As an office administrator, it is likely you will have to multitask and do several projects at once. Don’t let a lack of organizational skills interfere with your potential. Also it may be extremely important for you to stay organized not just for yourself but for your employer as well.
• Troubleshooting Skills. Sometimes your projects may hit a snag or fellow co-workers may not get along with each other. Instead of letting things come to a boil and destroying all the hard work everyone has put in, you need to know how to troubleshoot and solve issues. Thinking on your toes to come up with a solution that is a suitable compromise for everyone is a valuable skill and asset to have.
• Computer Literacy. Perhaps one of the most important skills to have is to be computer literate. You will be interacting with computers, computer programs, and computer systems on a daily basis. Being able to navigate and know the function of each program will be highly beneficial for you. It is also important to continue your education with computers and current software. You don’t want to lag behind because you don’t know how to operate certain computer systems or programs.
• Customer Service Skills. Besides being able to communicate with others, you will also need to have exceptional customer service skills. It can be a different element working with customers and potential clients and you will need to always be professional and polite with them regardless of their behavior towards you. At times this can prove to be difficult so patience and tact is key when it comes to having excellent customer service.

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