What Skills Should a Customer Service Rep Have? (Part 2)

Customer service representatives need to have certain skills in order to be successful in their career. Certain skills such as patience, communication skills, and troubleshooting were discussed in the previous article. This article however will be a continuation of what other skills a customer service rep should possess. There are some intricate skills that a customer service representative should have in order to successful. Continue reading to find out what other unique and valuable skills you should have.
• A positive demeanor. Sometimes there will be people who will never be happy with the outcome or there are times where the situation is out of your control. It is extremely important to not display how upset you are about the situation because in the end, it ultimately will make you look unprofessional. When you do encounter someone having an extremely bad day or there is a situation you can’t fix, don’t lose your positive and cheery persona.
• Be tactful. One way to get a customer angry quickly is to use the wrong words. Never tell a customer that you won’t or can’t help them. Instead fill your vocabulary with positive words and phrases such as “let me see what I can do” or “this is what I can do for you.” By using positive, reaffirming words and phrases you can put the customer at ease and also affect how the customer reacts and hears your answer to their issue.
• People perception. It’s important to get a feeling of what a customer is like before you go charging in to solve their issues. When you misread a customer, it could end in disaster so take your time to ask a few questions to gage how the customer is. See what their emotional state is like. Are they angry? Irate? Or just confused? Use this information and then figure out what step to take.
• A serene persona. Have you been told you are very calming to be around? Or are you usually very cool headed even under extreme pressure? If you answered yes to these questions, then you certainly have a calming presence that can be extremely useful when it comes to this career. No customer wants to deal with another frantic person while they are already stressed. Customer service representatives also cannot let a customer cause them to lose their temper as it can lead to severe consequences.
• Be attentive. It’s extremely important to listen to what the customer is complaining about. Try not to pay attention to how they are delivering it, rather listen to what the true problem is. Listen to the context of the issue to find the real problem and work your way to solve it. Remember some customers won’t be as vocabulary savvy about the product as you or the company, so really pay attention to what they are really asking about.
• Willingness to help the customer. Some people are not prone to helping others; however, there are those who will go out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied. The willingness to take the time to make sure the situation and issue is resolved will leave your company with a higher chance of happy and retuning customers.
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