How to start a career as a travel agent

When it comes to trip planning, some people are just not good at it. That’s why they hire a travel agent to do everything for them. It takes away the stress of planning their vacation out and can ensure a smoother experience. While this can be a rewarding career for someone, it’s not for everyone. Do you have what it takes to a travel agent? Do you possess the skills to be a successful agent? Find out below.
• Social perception. Probably one of the skills you will definitely need to possess is perception. You need to understand why people react the way they do and how to ease their discomfort. Remember that not everyone will react the same way to certain things. Being aware can help you create a larger client base.
• Customer service. It’s extremely important that you are customer service oriented. The needs of your client surpass everything else and you need to do whatever it is possible to make it happen. Some customers may be more difficult than others but you need to know how to handle these situations while still being courteous and understanding.
• Marketing skills. You need to able to market and promote yourself in order to generate and increase your sales. Some people think being fully aggressive in pushing your agenda is the best way to do this, but sometimes gentle persuasion will give you more clients than a pushy personality. You need to find the right balance.
• Organization. As a travel agent, you will need to pay attention to the tiniest details. If you are disorganized, things can get overwhelming very quickly. Being on top of all your agendas with everything in place is a preventative measure against mistakes and overlooking important details.
• Communication skills. You will need to be eloquent in the way you speak and also in written form. Many agents will communicate with their clients via email and being able to get your message across clearly and concisely is extremely important. If you don’t have great communication skills, things can be left out and lead to unhappy clients.
• Active listener. You need to hear and pay full attention to what your clients want. You need to also know when it’s best to ask more questions or to wait until they are finished expressing their point. Paying attention to what the clients want can help you plan a great trip for them since you have a bit of intimate information about them from your consultation together.

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