Event planner skills and qualities

Being a wedding planner can be a difficult profession especially if someone isn’t suited for the occupation. Wedding planners need to have certain traits and skills to help their couple’s achieve the wedding vision of their dreams without too much hassle and stress. Here are some skills you should already have if you are thinking of pursuing this job career.
• Compassion and passion. You need to be able to empathize with the couple and understand where they are coming from. Always be empathic because you never know a person’s predicament. You also need passion for this profession. You need to love this job and everything it entails. There are some days where it can be tough, but you must keep perspective and understand that the rough days come with the territory.
• Troubleshooting skills. Sometimes everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Instead of freaking out or being extremely stressed about the situation, you need to keep a cool head and have the ability to think of a solution before things can get worse. Weddings can be a very stressful atmosphere especially since couple’s can tend be emotional that day. If you are not quick to think of a remedy, it can be a disaster. Being flexible with decisions and solutions will save many weddings and a lot of headache.
• Have the ability to keep perspective. While you want to bond with your couple and create the wedding of their dreams, you also need to keep perspective. Not every couple you meet will want to be your friend. They want a planner who can get the job done and maintain their budget. You also need to keep perspective to make sure all parties keep cool heads despite the situation.
• The ability to be personable. While couples want a planner who will do the job, they do want someone who is personable. Having a stiff, distant planner may make them feel uncomfortable. You need to make the couple feel welcomed and comfortable with the ability to still keep perspective and do your job.
• Patience. You will have your share of difficult couples who want everything to be perfect despite the fact that it cannot always be. The one thing you cannot do is be curt or sound annoyed at their demands, remember this is your profession and they are looking to you to make this happen despite the outrageous demands they may make.
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