Questions to ask your guidance counselor about college

My name is Anneleise Sanchez and I have a BA Degree in English, specializing in editing, writing and media with a Minor in Communications from Florida State University. I am surviving my 20s with a public relations position in Miami while blogging on the side. I love to write about post-college life and how it really feels to be a graduate in debt. You’ll mostly find me incorporating my equestrian lifestyle as a metaphor for my blogs but, occasionally you’ll find some scattered fashion posts as well.

My entire childhood was about going to school and getting good grades. From becoming a teen then to a young adult, my life has consisted of school and an education. Needless to say, I was used to it. School was a routine for me and I knew that after every summer, school was right around the corner. So, just like any other ordinary city girl, going away to college was a big deal for me. From the way classes were taught with having over 200 classmates to maybe even 10, college was definitely a turning point in my life. The type of education that I had been used to for the last 18 years of my life was about to drastically change.
College was one of the biggest obstacles I had ever had to undergo, however, it was a blessing in disguise. It is true what they say, you learn a lot. You come to learn that your parents do know it all and if you had maybe listened to their advice you wouldn’t be constantly asking for money. If only money was the issue when it came to adjusting my life after college. Money will always be an issue since I am drowning in student loans, but I would like you to know that money was not my main concern after graduating.
What is the key concept of college? Many endless possible answers may fill your head but to your surprise it would be the most obvious. To get a job right? You spend years learning and digesting the material that will allow you to flourish in your field but, did your counselors once tell you how to apply for a job? To your surprise, this was my biggest upset. I know there are companies out there who enjoy hiring and scamming young energetic graduates but, if I could only even get to that point! Knowing what to look for in a company as well as what the job post entails and what is a scam versus what is not, is something my college counselors failed to inform me. I realized this when I took my first job after college. Supporting myself was one of the best feelings I have ever had but, you can take s guess that I am not at that company any longer. If I had only known to speak with my counselor, I may not have jumped at the first job offer, or first job interview as a matter of fact. Stability would have played a more vibrant role my first year out of college and I only wish I had known what to do before I had graduated.
My advice to you, my fellow graduates, is to take advantage of your semester meetings with your counselors. There is more to college than exams, papers and parties. Take advantage of what your university will offer you – while it’s still free.

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