What to bring to college

By Catherine Vogt

Moving day brings back so many memories for me. This was six and a half years ago, but I can still clearly remember it. When I was moving to school, I didn’t get any advice on what to bring and what to leave at home. I just packed up everything that was in my bedroom and brought it with me. This is what led to my tiny dorm room being cramped and why I barely stayed in there.
The movies show people practically moving out of their parents’ houses and into their colleges. Do not do this. Only bring what you need because typically, college freshmen only go to their dorms when they sleep, bathe, and study. Other times they’re out meeting new people or spend five hours of their day in class.
What you really need to bring are the essentials: clothes, bedding, bathroom products, a TV if you’re going to watch it, and shoes. Now girls can go overboard with shoes. I remember one of my neighbors brought almost every pair with her and she rarely wore them. The only shoes you will need are tennis shoes, boots, and sandals. Tennis shoes are the most important because you will be doing a lot of walking. My freshman year I walked from one end of campus to the other, three days a week. I thought I could walk in a pair of converse, but by the end of the day my feet were aching. Your feet will thank you in the long run for wearing a pair of comfortable shoes. Memorabilia like trophies, awards, pictures, and trinkets you will not need to bring with you. All it will do is clutter your room and collect dust throughout the year. Leave those things at your parents’ house.
Textbooks, pencils, calculators, and notebooks are what you will get after you move in. Normally, schools have their bookstores ready at the start of move-in week. If you have leftover financial aid you can purchase everything with that. The school I attended did that and if you didn’t have leftover money, then you had to purchase it out of pocket. Some schools, like the one my husband attended, had a certain amount of money locked into the tuition so you could purchase books with your account. Before you leave for school, you should check with the financial aid office to see what they do. Since I was the only one in my family that went to a different school, none of us knew that my school didn’t do that. When I was at the counter to buy my books, I found out I had nothing in my account so I had to pay for them. Always check with financial aid before you do this. It will save you in the long run.
If you bring the basic essentials, then you will have a good first year at school. Plus, your parents will thank you for not having to tote all of your belongings in the car with them. When you move to school, don’t get nervous because you’re leaving mom and dad. Just breathe in and out and you will make it just fine.

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