What to Expect After College

If starting college is stressful because it represents the unknown, leaving college is the exact same experience all over again. Four years is a long time to get into the groove of campus life, so changing that routine from final exams to graduation to the great unknown is scary. Here are a few things to expect.

Leaving College

The first few days after you are truly done with college, you will be exhausted. You just finished that all important final exam. You had to organize graduation and attend and, let’s be honest, celebrate in a big way. You had to pack up all your stuff and if you are like most college students, had to move back home. Give yourself a few days to just be and let that fog of exhaustion let up.

Looking for a Job

The economy is not friendly to new graduates at the moment. However, you might be among the many that graduates college without a career job lined up. Don’t worry, all is not lost. As long as you stay determined and work hard, you will eventually land something. For tips on looking for a job, check out the article Getting Your Career

Pressure from the Parents

Right after college, when you are still exhausted from those four years of work and stress, your parents will ask about your career prospects. They’ll even do this if you have a job. Believe it or not, your parents were stressed out the entire time you were in college too. They worried how you were doing. They worried if you had chosen the right major. They worried about your future job prospects. When you graduated, they worried about you finally getting on your own two feet and thriving. Be patient with them. Let them know that you are open to answering their questions.

High School Run-Ins

If you move back home for a little while after college, chances are, you’ll run into some high school people. This can be a bit awkward because each of you will ask the other how it’s going. He might not being doing so well whereas you are rocking it, or vice versa. Be kind and resist the temptation to brag about your achievements.

Be Patient

After all that hard work at college, you are ready for your life to begin. However that might take slightly longer than you had thought. Maybe you are still looking for a job. Maybe you have the job but need time to bulk up your savings account before moving on. Don’t worry, it’ll happen all in due time.

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