Marriage counseling career

If you are interested in a career as a marriage counselor, you will have to prepare yourself for the responsibilities and duties you will be tasked with. Not everyone can stay unbiased and work with a couple to resolve their marriage or relationship issues. There will be people who you interact with that have had emotional trauma and will need a delicate touch in order to get through to them. You will have to not only address these issues, but you may spend countless hours trying to get them to open up about it. Infidelity, abuse, and depression, these are just some of the topics that you may have to touch upon as a marriage counselor. There are not many people who can be tasked or work well dealing with major issues such as this. So those who really want to work as marriage counselor really need to consider deeply if this is something they can do as a living and enjoy as well.
A career is something that should not only give you a comfortable life, it should also give you joy as well. Those who are the most successful in their career are the ones who have passion in them. While being a marriage counselor can at times seem very draining and frustrating, it can also give joy and fulfillment as well. Think about it, if a couple is able to go through therapy successfully and they have better relationship, it was with your help. Without your methods and your counseling, the relationship could have fallen apart and instead of two happy people, there would be two broken people. So again, while you may have many days of stress dealing with difficult couples, you have to also think about whether or not it’s worth fighting for. As they always say, the best things in life are always worth fighting for, this includes your job and career.
Speaking of a comfortable life, the salary of a marriage counselor can vary depending on who you work for. If you work for a clinic or institution, you can fall in the median range of $46,670 a year. Some counselors do earn less and other can earn more in their career. If you are a private practice you can create your own hourly rate and can even earn up to $75,000 a year. Your salary also depends on where you work in the country. Those who establish their practices in certain cities such as Fresno, California, and New York City, New York can see higher pay rates. These rates are dependent on the demand for counselors and also the cost of living.
If you are a compassionate individual who really relishes in helping others when they are at their worst, perhaps becoming a marriage counselor is an ideal option for you. The road to the career may be a little long but with some discipline and perseverance you can find yourself in a career that you will thoroughly enjoy and succeed in.

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