What to Expect of a Beauty Internship

Before you start your first day of your beauty internship, you should make sure that you are as prepared as possible.
What to Bring With You
Bring a bottle of water and a snack. You’re going to be nervous and on high energy, and that means you need to support your body to get through this first exhausting day.
Don’t forget your wallet, keys, ID and money for parking and lunch. You don’t want to be late for your first day on the job because you were scrambling for an ATM.
Bring a pen and notebook. You are going to be stuffed full with information and it’s only human to forget a lot. By taking notes you give yourself a chance to review the salon policies that you learned on your own time. Also taking notes looks great to your trainer because it gives the message that you are taking your internship seriously.
Before you start your first day, make sure to know if you need to bring any of your own tools or equipment.
What to Wear
If the salon doesn’t specify what you should wear, then during the interview process, look around and see what others are wearing. Are they wearing solid black or solid white? If the people working there are in casual clothes with no visible uniform, then make sure you dress appropriately. That means no short skirts or shorts, no visible underwear of any kind even if you saw a bra strap on an employee. No flip-flops. Don’t reveal tattoos. Don’t wear anything low-cut. After you dress, look in the mirror and bend over. Is anything showing that should not be showing? Then change. You’ll be moving a lot during your internship and you need to be comfortable and conservative.
Arrival Early
Ten minutes early is the sweet spot concerning arrival. You’re not stressed when you walk into your first day of work. The hiring manager or trainer can take the time to show you around.
You’ll Be Cleaning
Part of a salon internship will be to help maintain the order and cleanliness of the salon. Be prepared to sweep, rinse, wash, and fold.
Some Hands on Opportunity
You should get some hands on time for simple tasks. You can wash hair or have a stylist observe as you blow dry. A manicurist can allow you to apply simple polish. A skin expert might allow you to mix creams.
You’ll be Exhausted
The beauty industry is physically demanding. You will be up and moving around a lot. Expect to be tired after your first day.

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