What to Know About Community Colleges

Going straight to a four year university is not the only path to getting a college degree. Sometimes a community college, also known as a junior college, might be the right way to go for you.
Money is an Issue
College tuitions have steadily increased over the years. Trying to afford a four year university might seem like it is out of your reach, however don’t give up. A community college is a two year long program that gives you the opportunity to transfer to a four year university when you are done. Shaving off 50% of your college’s tuition might be your best option. Just make sure that you choose a junior college that has the best course match up for the college of your dreams. You want to make sure that you can transfer as many credits as you can to maximize your cost savings.
Grades are an Issue
Maybe you didn’t realize just how important grades are and you kind of screwed up high school. You are looking at your overall GPA and realizing it’s not going to cut the demanding college entrance requirements. All is not lost. You can get a second chance at a community college. Getting awesome grades at a junior college means a lot to a four year college. It will show that yes, you are in fact qualified and that yes, you have in fact matured considerable and are ready for the responsibility of a four year institution.
You Didn’t Make it Into Your Dream College
You got the horrible rejection letter from your dream college. You didn’t get in. Once again, all is not lost. There is no need to wait a whole year to reapply to your dream college. Go to a community college and then reapply next year. You do not need to stay at a junior college for two years, you can move onto a four year college after one.
Unsure About College
Maybe your time at high school did not answer your questions about what you want out of life. Maybe you are baffled over what career you want to pursue or even if you want to go to college at all. Since a four year university is so darn expensive, it might not be the ideal place to try to answer these questions. Instead a much more affordable junior college can give you the time you need to figure things out without the expense. That and you might find a dream job through the community college and discover that an associate degree is all you need anyway.

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