What to Wear During Exams

Yep, it’s that time again…lack of sleep, too much coffee, your desk is a cluttered nightmare of notes, books and you can barely remember your boyfriend’s name. Exam time! Whether it’s mid-terms or finals, this time of the semester is never really fun.
You may have noticed that some girls take the whole informality of this time of year a little too far. Have you seen pajama pants in the library? Sad ponytails and glasses? Follow this helpful guide so your look stays put together, even though you’re putting school first.
• Comfortable, but cute – Avoid sweatpants! There are so many different stylish options to pick from besides sweats. Soft, printed cotton pants are comfy and very in right now. If they’re fitted and you have a good pair, yoga pants are an option.

• Warm and cozy – Exam rooms and classrooms are notoriously unpredictable when it comes to the right temp. Pack a great cardigan or a cozy wrap sweater to toss on when the thermostat goes wild. Neutral colors are fine, but you could pump up the energy with a shot of color: red, orange or yellow tones can help give you a lift.

• Pretty and fuss-free – Constantly pushing your hair out of your eyes? Sick of that ponytail bump in the back of your head? Try a headband, twisted braid or a chunky barrette to get your hair off your neck and out of the way so you can concentrate and still look put together.

• Round out the bottom – Leave your gym shoes in your closet and wear a sleek (but comfy) pair of ballet flats. Or if the weather in your region is amenable, your coziest flat-heeled boots will keep you grounded and focused. Don’t forget tight or the right pair of socks. You don’t need to be fussing with seams when you’re trying to concentrate!

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