What to Wear During Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full swing. Whether you are married, engaged, dating, or single, chances are that you will attend at least one wedding this spring or summer. I myself just got married a week ago! I still can’t believe that I’m married and that I’m somebody’s wife!!! That sounds so weird to say. Not only did I get hitched, but two of my very good friends are getting married later this year. Wedding dress shopping was a lot easier than I thought it would be; I ended up buying the first dress I tried on! It was exactly what I had in mind and was a great price. One word to the wise, while wedding planning if you love something and it’s not outrageously expensive then get it. Trying to look through all your options for venues, caterers, dresses, flowers, shoes, etc. you will get extremely stressed and overwhelmed since Pinterest alone has a million and one ideas on how to plan the perfect wedding. The same advice can be applied to what to wear to a wedding as well. If you love something then wear it. Don’t spend hours shopping for a new dress if you have one that will work.
There are several things to consider when picking out the perfect outfit for any wedding. First, what time of day is it at? If it’s at two in the afternoon you might want to wear something different than if you were attending one at eight pm. For a day wedding go classic and pretty. A floral or pastel dress that hits at or slightly above the knee works perfect. Slide on some great flats or a low heel and you are all set. For an evening wedding go with a more sophisticated piece. Remember that you aren’t going to the club though, make sure your dress isn’t too short. Aim for at least mid-thigh when sitting down. With this type of dress rock some killer heels.
Another aspect to think about it the theme or feel of the wedding and couple. Are your friends two earthy types that love the wild? Don’t go super dressy, wear a maxi dress instead. Are you attending a wedding for your older and wealthy cousin? Make sure to keep it classy. Beyond the theme, always remember to think about the venue. It is outside? High heels that will sink into the grass might not be your best bet. What’s the temperature? Will you want a cardigan to cover up at night?
If you consider the time, theme, and setting you will have the perfect outfit to fit with the wedding and to keep you comfortable to dance all night long.

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