What to Wear to Land a Job

Now that summer is approaching and school has let out for several months of freedom, it is time to begin the job hunt. If you have already locked down a position for this summer, congrats! Most of us on the other hand have been dealing with exams and enjoying the festivities that only happen in college.
To make sure you don’t have a miserable summer at a job that you can’t stand and that doesn’t improve your resume, make sure to narrow down where you apply. It might seem like a great idea to apply to every possible opening, you need cash flow, right? But, take a moment to visualize what your time will actually be like working there and if it will be a great reference for future career opportunities. Before handing out your proofread resume to everyone on the street make sure you actually have interest in the position. Trust me on this one, landing a job is great, but if you are two days in and cursing yourself for applying you might spend your whole summer job hunting versus gaining great experience.
When you hand out your resume or meet with an employer it is your chance at a great first impression, and you only get one chance. This is it, so make sure that you look professional even when dropping by multiple places that are different fields of work. Who cares if you are a tad bit overdressed for a position at your local mall? It is always better to be overdressed then under, so no jeans, shorts, or revealing clothing. Who cares if other applicants have gotten jobs not professionally dressed? Your future employer will appreciate your polished look. It shows you are serious about the job and mean business.
Once you land an interview it is always best to stick with neutral colors. It is appropriate to dress for the position you want, so if you strive to be an artist, feel free to incorporate some stylish flair like a great scarf or bag, but keep your outfit somewhat subtle. You want them to focus on how great of a candidate you are, not what you are wearing. Another key is nothing revealing, this sounds like common sense, but it happens more often than not that something that seems professional compared to your general wardrobe actually isn’t. If a pencil skirt or dress hits above your knees it is not the right piece for a professional environment. Even if it looks polished, make sure dresses and skirts at least graze the top of your kneecap when standing. When you are sitting the piece will show even more skin. This tip also goes for your top. It is fine to wear something besides a turtleneck, but make sure no cleavage is showing. Your top should not be shear or too short as well.
If you follow these simple rules and add in some great accessories, like a watch or bag, you will look great and give the impression you are a prepared and organized. Now go get that dream job!

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