Personal and technical skills of a hairdresser

While some people may love handling hair, it doesn’t mean they are great hairdressers. You need to have certain personality traits in order to a successful hairdresser. It takes more than skill to make a successful hairdresser; here are some traits you should have if you are considering a career in this field.
• An outgoing personality. You need to make clients feel welcomed and wanted. You need to be amicable and make them feel comfortable. If you are uncomfortable being around different types of people or are shy, a hairdresser career may not be ideal for you.
• Proactive listener. It’s extremely important for you to listen to what your client wants. There have been many horror stories where clients have stated their hairdressers paid no heed to what they wanted and their experience was a disaster. You don’t want that to be a review of your work. You need to make sure your client is happy so pay attention to what they want. If you think it won’t be a great look or it’s not an ideal cut for them, then communicate your reasoning. If they persist in their decision, give the client what they want.
• Be creative. While there are a lot of technical skills needed and you should master those skills, you still need to have a creative side as well. Knowing how to apply and mix certain shades to create a desired effect and being good at it is extremely important. It’s also important to know that not everyone will fit the cookie cutter mold and you need to figure out what steps to take to create the look the client wants.
• Be an active learner. Never stop learning new techniques or being in the know about new trends and fashions. By always learning, you keep yourself up to date and relevant. No client wants to go to a stylist who isn’t modern or keeping up with the current styles.
• Be patient and tactful. Sometimes clients can be difficult. This doesn’t give you an excuse to be curt or rude. Customer service is extremely important especially if you want repeat clients or a growing base. At times there are also clients who don’t know what they want, be patient and try to go through the process with them until you both come to a mutual decision. Remember that your customer service skills will pay off in the end.

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