What Will You Bring to the School?

This might come as a shock to you, but your college admission process isn’t all about you. Rather the main topic is what you will bring to the college. When applying for college, think constantly about your reader. This is what the marketing world calls the target market. Marketing professionals realize that humans are constantly asking themselves, what do I get out of it? While reading applications, the college admission staff is constantly asking themselves, how will the attendance of this student enrich this school? Your job is to answer that question in your application.
Sell Yourself, Softly
There are a lot of articles out there that tell you not to sell yourself in your college essay. To some extend they are right. Don’t start your essay with “I believe I am an asset to your university because…” The college admission office might think, “Oh yeah, I’ve got thousands of others who look better on paper than you do.” Ouch! Instead of coming right out and saying why you are so fabulous, you need to weave that impression into your essay.
Use a Story
As stated in the post “Tips on Writing Your College Essay” the essay is a time to tell a vivid story about a certain point in your life. You need to have a strong opening line, write an interesting story, and then close with how the story is relevant to what you can bring to the college. The essay is your opportunity to showcase that you are ethical, courageous, a self-starter, a leader, a good person, mature, intellectually curious, hardworking or any number of other great qualities. Then at the end of the essay you need to mention how you will use those qualities while at college. Let’s say you had the unique life experience of being a caretaker to your ailing grandmother. Describe in detail how you cared for her (mature), how you felt while caring for her (good person), how your researched on the internet better ways to care for her (intellectually curious). Then at the end of the essay explain that this life experience already gives you a head start in your chosen major, pre-medical. Say how it will help the college create and deliver socially responsible, ethical, doctors with exceptional bedside manner because that is the attitude you will bring to your lecture halls and share with your fellow students.
You don’t have to say straight out how great you are. College admission offices are filled with intelligent people whose job is to find the deeper meaning behind an essay. If you can do that in 500 words, you’ll have a fan in admission office.

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