How to become an esl teacher

Do you have a knack for teaching? Are you often told that you are great at explaining a situation or method? Perhaps you should consider becoming a teacher who helps adults learn English. Known as an ESL (English as a second language) teacher, you will take the time to prepare and conduct classes that will teach students the proper way to read and write English.
In order to become an ESL teacher, you will need to earn a bachelor’s degree in teaching. Some institutions may require you to pursue a higher degree of education and earn a Master’s Degree. However, besides formal education, you will need experience. This can mean an apprenticeship or working under another teacher to garner enough experience. Your experience can come from vocational courses or through working at education institutions for a certain amount of time.
Perhaps one of the most important things when it comes to being an ESL teacher is having exceptional skills in the English language. You must have knowledge of how to communicate, write, and structure English with ease and excellence. Oral and written comprehension along with clear speech will allow students to follow you better especially since this is a second language they are learning. It is extremely important to keep on top of your comprehension skills. This could mean even taking more courses in the future.
Another important trait to have is being personable. You will be working with groups of different people, each with different personalities and you will need to get along and teach them all. Another important asset to have is to be organized. Again, since you will be dealing with many students, you will need to organize and make sure you are on top of all your paperwork and lessons.
Besides being personable, you will need to be comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people. While some people may be good at teaching one on one, they are not great in speaking in front of crowds. Being an ESL teacher, you will need to be proficient and comfortable at both. You will also need to think critically and apply this to your lessons in order to have your students excel.
Being an ESL teacher is very gratifying. You are helping people learn a second language which can help them in various situations and circumstances. Teaching is definitely a gift and those who use this gift to help students will see how fulfilling this career is.

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