Steps to becoming a marine

If you wish to serve your country or perhaps want to follow in a family member’s military footsteps, then perhaps you should join the United States Marine Corps. Those who are in the Marines are responsible for the protection of civilians and also for aiding the United States Navy with it comes to training, combat, and logistics. In order to become a marine, you will have to undergo vigorous training programs that will test both your emotional and physical capacity as a human being. To be frank, being a marine is not for everyone and should only be considered by those who are truly serious in making this a career choice.
What are the requirements towards becoming a marine? This is a career choice that shouldn’t be taken lightly and should not be decided on the whim. The application process towards becoming a marine is very strict and you must meet all the requirements prior to joining. The first thing you need to fulfill is receiving a high school degree or an education equivalent like a GED (though with a GED you need a certain waiver in order to proceed with the process). For those who wish to pursue becoming an officer in the Marine Corp will need to fulfill and complete a college degree. The major does not really matter, just as long as you have a bachelor’s degree.
Besides educational requirements, you will need to be on your best behavior if you wish to apply to the Marines. While minor offenses such as misdemeanors won’t prohibit you from joining the Marines, you may have to go through the hassle of getting a waiver to continue with your application. Certain offenses such as drug use or felonies may prohibit you from joining.
Another important factor to consider is how physically fit you are. When in boot camp, enlistees will need to undergo fierce training that will test you both physically and mentally. Before and after enlisting, it is best to start training to be as fit as you possibly can be. The official U.S. Marine Corp website even has a list of how you can physically prepare for your physical training if you are unsure of what you should be focusing on.
Becoming a marine should not be a decision that should be taken lightly. When you become a marine, you will be representing and protecting your country. You can be assigned to dangerous areas and need to understand how this will affect your life and your personal life.

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