What You Need to Know About the Real World

Graduating college is an extremely exciting time in your life and can also seem kind of scary. Joining the real world means you are in for a lot of changes.
1) Drinks are more expensive
In college, the bars thrive off of you and you thrive off of their cheap drinks. But once you leave the college scene, you are also leaving the cheap drinks behind you. Be prepared to spend much more on your drinks when you start going out outside of college at real bars.
2) Hangovers are worse
Along the same path as the more expensive drinks, your hangovers are about to get more real. The days of waking up and feeling like you can take on the world after a crazy night of partying will be behind you. Drinking heavily post college will leave you with more intense hangovers. Turn out the lights and curl up in your blanket – it is going to suck way worse than what you have been through before.
3) True friends will matter
In college you probably had a large group of friends that you hung out with and partied with. Some of those people you knew very little about and others you could probably call your best friend. In the real world, the friends that matter are your close friends who you know would be there for you no matter what. It is not the quantity of friends that matters anymore, it is most definitely the quality.
4) Don’t gossip
This becomes even more real in the real world than it was in college. In college when you gossiped it may not have amounted to anything. In the real world, specifically in the work place, gossiping is not acceptable. It certainly won’t win you any real friends in your workplace and it only makes you look like an immature person. Leave that nasty habit way behind you.

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