What’s In the Sauce?

Being a senior at the University of Central Florida getting ready to roll away from my collegiate career with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media and a pretty heavy hand of student debt I often ask myself, “Why? Why have I done this and what was I thinking?” The answer to that question may be trivial in hindsight because nothing else quite compares to the college experience. I would imagine purchasing a house for all the wrong reasons may parallel; however, there is a lot to learn from college life, no pun intended. Let me also be honest in saying that although the particulars of my chosen degree can be learned by any computer, art and design or logic savvy individual with enough time and self discipline, there are those degrees whose critical information cannot be tackled in the same manner. One does not simply set out to be a nuclear physicist or a brain surgeon without making the collegiate plunge. Either way, college life is like making a delectable meat gravy for a really important dinner party, so what’s in the sauce?
A successful sauce starts with preparation. If you’re not familiar with a certain technique or ingredient, you better get to the research. Making sure all the ingredients are in hand and measured out is like getting the prerequisites under the belt. On top of the main ingredients you have the flavor; the flavor is the seasoning, the spice of life where passion for a desired field of study comes into the recipe. Once all the major players are accounted for the fun begins. Laying out the tools, utensils, pots and pans is like laying out the specified study track with all the upper level courses and any industry level hardware and software one will use to chef the days away gaining experience and insight. Don’t forget the sous chef, line cooks or even the head chef working on the recipe, they will share insight and valuable life experience with you which would otherwise be lost in the bevy of knowledge intermingled with kitten videos on the internet. A successful sauce also needs a home to be created and although my sauce was made at home, the professionals have a specific place to go that is designed for the creation of greatness. On top of all those very important variables in the recipe the most important is thyme. No wait, I meant time. It takes time for everything to come together for a full flavor potential; it also takes time to learn all the valuable lessons in life.
In retrospect, I could have used a lot more professional kitchen time when learning my craft. Overall my experience with peers who became friends, professors who have taught me a lot about the professional world out there. I have come to appreciate the time spent procrastinating projects, letting down group members and then finally persevering through all those follies to get to my current state of mind. I have picked up some great techniques and knowledge of my craft; I have seen the competition and have seen how high I need to raise the bar to stay current and valuable. I have also found other chefs of digital content out there that love a great sauce and want to see me create a masterpiece and succeed.

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