What’s your style?

Chandra Miller resides in New York City where she is pursing her career in business and fashion. Currently as a Social Media Manager for a boutique on the Upper East Side, she works in bringing fashion advice across all media channels. She grew up in Ohio and attended the University of Cincinnati, where she spent a large portion of her time as a member of the National and World Champion UC Dance Team. She now spends her days in New York exploring the city and researching all the best new trends in fashion.

As I sat down to analyze my own, it became clear that the question above is not as simple as it may seem. Am I preppy? How about classy, or sporty, or sexy? And no, Spice Girls was not on in the background as I wrote this. I found that my sense of style seemed to change more than others. I could dress up for a night on the town or look great while dressing sensible for a hike. I could pull an amazing pant suit together, but also comfortable hang out attire with the snap of my fingers. I was, and will classify this as an actual style, STYLISH. The definition being, having or displaying a good sense of style; I find that I can dress appropriately for any event I attend. I am aware of what the dress code will be, and can make sure I have an outfit that will be just right. But what is the key to being stylish? You may start to think it is dressing how everyone else is dressing, but it’s far from that. Actually it’s very simple, its being you. Knowing where you’re going that day, dressing appropriately for it, and adding your own touch.
You don’t have to go on Pinterest, like a picture, and then shop for the exact replica of that outfit to be stylish. Grab the picture then go and open your closet door. See what you have to work with first. Then if you are missing something, go shopping and pick something up that is similar to the picture but something you picked out because you love it! That is exactly what I will be writing about, teaching you how to be stylish while being true to you and your sense of style.
Don’t get too crazy with your wallets just yet though, because being stylish can come at any budget. That is extremely important to remember. It is easy to get caught up in the joy of shopping, until you get home and look at your bank account. Set a budget of what you want to spend, and stick to it. This is also a great thing to keep in mind if you find something you love, but the price tag is way more than what you are willing to spend. Do some research and I guarantee you can find that Top Shop hat you can’t live without for half the price at an online boutique.
Anyone can be stylish, while sticking to your personality and what makes you feel comfortable. Because at the end of the day when you walk into the room, the first thing people see is you. So grab yourself a seat, get a cup of coffee, and let’s make you stylish!
-By Chandra Miller

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