What’s Your Style?

Samantha Knight is recent graduate of Jacksonville State University with a major in Marketing and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. Samantha is from a small town in Alabama called Centre. She is 23 years old. Samantha has always had a love of fashion and a desire to share her passion with others. What Samantha loves about the fashion industry is that it is ever evolving, and the story she can tell with her fashion is constantly changing with it. Samantha is looking forward to sharing those stories with you.

Has anyone ever told you that your style is retro or hipster, and you don’t feel like it is a true reflection of who you are? Have you ever walked into your closet and can’t find anything to wear or hate everything you own? This has happened to me. I have followed the trends, and bought something that I only wore once. Then a week later it was untrendy. My closet is full of “trendy” clothes, but what was my style? In high school, I dressed like all of the other popular girls. I mimicked what I saw in Seventeen Magazine or Teen Vogue, but I failed to establish my own style. It wasn’t until I was in college that I started to neglect what was considered trendy and develop my style. I was tired of being like every other college girl with leggings and Ugg boots. Instead, I wanted to show the world who Samantha was. I am unique. I began my journey to discover who I was, and what I wanted my story to be. Most young adults go through this transition during their college years, and I was no different. Have you decided who you are?

What exactly is style? What does your style say about you? How do you create your style? All of these questions are important when deciding who you are and what your style should be. The definition of style is “the manner of doing something” or “a distinctive appearance.” It is an expression of your self. Your style involves not only your clothing, hair, and makeup, but your emotions, interest, taste, values, and the way you walk and talk. Style is a reflection of the internal, while the clothing is the fashion, which is external. So the fashion that you choose is how you create your style. For instance, my style is vintage chic with a sporty flare. I love classic pieces that stay timeless and always on trend, like pearl studs or a wool peacoat. I also love pieces that have accents of lace or bows. For my style I take something that looks older, but make it new and fresh. For example, one day I may wear a pair of skinny jeans, penny loafers, and a sleeveless pintuck collared blouse. The next time I wear the same outfit, I might throw in a cheetah print belt or bright sweater to make it fresh. I wanted my style to represent me by saying that I’m smart, spunky, laid back, sporty, and easy going. I tend to keep my hair and make up really clean and simple to reflect my personality.

Your style should keep evolving, because as you grow older you keep evolving. Now that I am graduated, my style includes more professional fashion than it did when I was a freshman in college. I keep my vintage chic style in mind when I select my clothing, but the choices are just more grown up. The great thing about cultivating your own style is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to do it. Some of my most favorite pieces of clothing came out of the clearance section of Old Navy or Belk. I try and keep my closet stocked with classics and basic pieces. Then, I have a couple of statement pieces to keep it fresh and new. Of these statement pieces, I might splurge a little and buy a boutique or designer piece. Remember, your style is a reflection of you. If you don’t have a lot of money, like me, then you can still have an expensive looking wardrobe without throwing down $1,000 on a Michael Kors dress. However, if you got the money and it fit’s your style, I say go for it!

The best way to create your style is to use your fashion choices to reflect your inner self. You have got to own your style with confidence, and if you do that then you will have a style that truly reflects who you are. So ask yourself, what is your style?

-Samantha Knight

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