Casual Chic

By Sophia Klippvik

That one moment you figured out your style, your point of view in the fashion world is a grand moment isn’t it? You finally figured it out, that style angle that made you say “yes, this is me.” For me, my “aha” moment was when I was in Stockholm, Sweden about 5 years ago. I had just graduated high school and like any typical adolescent I was looking for a stylish way to enter college life. You know be that person who looked so cool and suave I would have inspiring fashion bloggers chasing me for input. I started ogling H&M and TopShop. Their display mannequins had already started flirting with me with their fitted oversized shirts paired with shorts that had a fun subtle print. In the store I let my inner fashionista make all the decisions, and boy was she opinionated. I walked out of the stores with items that characterized a casual chic aspect, and pieces with a vintage look if I really wanted to snap, crackle, and pop.
My style of casual chic consists of an airy white fitted shirt slightly tucked into a pair of plaid shorts paired with black tights and leather ankle boots finished with an oversized knit scarf and a boyfriend blazer. Oh and can’t forget that weathered vintage brown leather shoulder bag to put the whole outfit together. It’s the perfect mix of chic while still wanting to feel and look comfy. This look is especially suitable when the air starts to feel crisp and cool.
When going out with friends for a coffee shop type of hangout I will throw on a light knit sweater paired with dark skinny jeans rolled up at the ankles. I do that so that I can show off my awesome ankle high socks that have a colorful stripped or dotted print, and of course that will be considered the subtle statement piece of my outfit. I will finish it off with a pop of color clutch, a pair of oxford shoes and finally Sherlock Holmes it with a trench coat.
When date night come around the corner or that awaited girls’ night out, I make sure I spice it up. I will wear a black or navy dress that ends a little above the knee paired with a fitted sequin boyfriend blazer and a long statement piece necklace and stud earrings. Finally I will complete my style look with black tights a pair of high heeled shoes that match the color of my clutch.
So there you have it folks. A few examples to help visualize what my casual chic style looks like. I am confident to say this is my fashion style because not only is it versatile and fun to play with, it shows my laidback personality with a pop of spontaneity that I represent with my random pop of color statement pieces. I have always loved making comfy look stylish, it’s become my vogue.
So with that said, what’s your vogue?

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