Dressing in college

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College life is hectic. Everything from scheduling new classes, surviving finals, extracurriculars, and having a social life can create a recipe for total chaos. Unfortunately, a crammed schedule can leave students with little time to pay attention to their wardrobe. While it is important to feel comfortable in class, appearing too casual or too laid back may not be the best idea for the following reasons:

1. Having a sloppy appearance can demotivate a person.
Have you ever felt like running a mile in a pair of dress shoes or in a suit and tie? This simply would not be done because it would be uncomfortable and impractical. The same principle applies to the opposite. While a pair of baggy sweats may put your mind at ease when lounging during the weekend, it most likely will not put you in the mood to do schoolwork. There have even been various studies that suggest the attire worn to work affects work productivity, and being undressed may cause a person’s productivity to decrease. If you do not believe in dressing to impress, dress for effectiveness.
2. You never who may be on campus.
One of the great aspects of college life is you just never know who you may meet. While a person may not expect to have their first job interview randomly in a class, there could be guest speakers, or possible mentors around campus. It’s always better to dress the part than to be caught off-guard in front of a potential employer.
3. Appearances aren’t everything, but its often the first thing people see.
Like previously stated, appearances are one way to make an impression on an instructor, professor, or anyone on campus. Although appearing too relaxed in dress on campus will not be detrimental to your career, but it may require extra effort for people to overcome your appearance if you appear to dress too informal. Think of it this way: your wardrobe is not just your appearance but a visual language. It is just as important to convey the right message to your peers and mentors visually as it is verbally.

How to avoid being underdressed

Feeling comfortable is always important. The trick is to find key pieces that you can dress up:
— Mix up something comfortable with something dressy. For instance, if you find wearing a t-shirt to be the most comfortable, but want to dress business casual, pair a t-shirt with a dress jacket.
— Find what is appropriate for your field. Some fields require a person to wear a dress suit everyday, while in other fields a pair of jeans will suffice. It’s best to find what is appropriate for the field you wish.
— Find what you feel the most productive. Every person is different in terms of motivation.

College is can be complicated enough and without worrying about what to wear. Dress attire may vary from campus to campus and job to job, but a good rule of thumb is dress the part you wish to play.

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