When College Loses its Appeal

College evokes a lot of emotions right at the beginning: excitement, fear, anticipation, euphoria. When things finally settle down and a routine sets in, your emotions even out and you get a more realistic view of college. Eventually the huge roller coaster that you were riding becomes really tame. Your emotions might turn to boredom or even disappointment as you trudge through the daily grind. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. It doesn’t mean that you’ve made a mistake; it just means that you are going through a very normal emotional cycle. Here are a few ways to handle it.

Don’t Skip Class

During this phase of feeling less excited or connected to the college experience, it might be tempting to skip class. Don’t do it. Class is why you are there after all. Part of being on your own and being an adult is to exercise discipline without any outside motivator. It’s good practice for when you start work and prove to your future boss that you don’t need a micromanager, you get things done all on your own.

Take a Break

Take an entire Saturday or Sunday just for yourself. Don’t study, don’t work, and don’t participate in any activities. Get off campus and go to the movie theater. Go for a walk in a pretty park. Do whatever takes your mind off of college for an entire day. You’ll be surprised how energized you’ll feel afterwards.

Don’t Overload on Hard Courses

Yes you picked your major but that doesn’t mean you’ll be excited by all the subjects that you have to take. There might be a few in there that make you role your eyes in exasperation. Look over your required classes and space them out in different semesters. Don’t take three unappealing classes in one semester, it will just make you question your decision and make you unhappy. One ugly class per semester is much more manageable.


When you first came to campus, you might have been so busy figuring out how to survive, you might have forgotten to make strong connections with other people. Maybe you just hang out with the people you got to know during orientation but aren’t really that thrilled about. This new downtime is a good time to evaluate your friend circle. Do these people energize you and make you excited and happy to hang out with them? Or do you just drag through the time together? If there isn’t that much interest on your side anymore, it’s time to start working on improving your friend circle.

Eventually It’s Over

Eventually the college experience is over. Knowing that you aren’t going to have to shoulder the pressures of college forever can help get you through this time.

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