When I grow up

Timmy Underwood is a graduate of The Art Institute of Jacksonville and holds a Bachelors of Fine Art in video and film production, with vast skills expanding into script writing, cinematography, and construction. He’s practiced his skills in the 48 Hour film festivals three years running winning both art director and make up second and third year.
His eye for detail an approach to set design is invaluable for the creative visualization/planning process and equally important cost and time management. He is well versed with a deep passion for the arts across cultures and timelines. His life experiences give him a deep creative perspective, a major asset to each production.

Going into college we believe we know what we are doing, what we want, and who we are suppose to become. It’s the reason most of us have chosen our respective colleges we have created this image of a person we will become. I say erase that from your mind now cause, college is where you have come to expand on not what you see but on what you can’t see for yourself. I’m not saying to go in blind but with eyes wide open and a clear focused mind.
When I started college I knew what I was going to do, what was expected of me, and who I was going to become after. What I didn’t know is who else I was and what skills were still waiting for me to discover them. Being at The Art Institute open these doors for me and allowed me to set new goals not just as a student but also as an artist.
I was able to achieve a better understanding by talking with my professors who had once stood where I was and getting involved with my fellow students exploring my passions as well as theirs. College is a chance for you to step out of what you know it allows you to expand your knowledge not just in the classroom. By getting involved with your school and the local community industry.
You may think that just going to college is a step in the right direction but dedication to getting involved, with the college and expanding not just on your knowledge as well as your life experiences. This will help push you beyond allowing you to tackle obstacles set out in front of you not just with college or the career after but, in life.
Finding new ways to apply your knowledge and experience as an individual will allow you to stand out making you a more valuable member to any team, group, or industry. Remember that life is ever changing so never become rigid allow problems to become conquered goals. Soon you will have become not just the person you had envisioned for yourself. You will be so much more and looking to set fourth new goals and expand your knowledge and skills even further.
Remember to enjoy yourself cause anything in life wroth doing should mean something to you and that will always help guide you.

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