Dating to relationship

Erica Rose Yurman is a Published Author and Freelance Writer from sunny San Diego, California.

So, you’ve been dating your sweetie for awhile now and you really dig him or her. You’ve had your first date, shared cool experiences together, and you’ve probably have been intimate.

The big question now, is when is it time to shift from lighthearted dating to a more serious relationship? Or the question could be, should you take you the next step into a relationship?

This can be a tough decision to make, especially because in college there are so many options of who to date, and people may not want to settle down.

If your sweetie makes you happy, and if you have found yourself not so interested in glancing around at the other fish out there, then it might be time for you two to go into the relationship zone. You can tell each other you love each other, introduce each other to your respective families, have deep, meaningful conversations, and really bond.

If however, you still catch yourself looking around at who else is out there, or wanting to ask or be asked out by someone else, or even not wanting to commit, then don’t get too into the relationship directions. It’s a waste of time for you to be in a relationship if you are on the fence. You probably won’t be a great significant other if you’re constantly hoping the hot guy in your class will ask you out, or if you’re obsessed with a waitress at a pizza place and want to get to know her a little more.

Be open with your partner about where you see the two of you going, and if it’s not headed into relationship town, then ask if your partner is ok with the two of you just dating. Or, maybe your partner might be willing to date you, as well as other people.

It really depends on the person.

More guys would probably be more willing to be in an open relationship than gals because that situation may seem ideal to them more so than to the ladies.

Just be open and honest about what situation you feel happiest in, whether that be dating or a relationship.

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