Parents disapprove of boyfriend

Alexa Johnson

It’s a sad truth that we can’t all get along. Getting in a fight with a sibling sounds like nothin’ compared to getting in a fight with your love of your life.

We’ve all crushed or dated someone our parents haven’t approved of (whether we told them about him/her or not!). If you’re someone with a close relationship to their parents and take their opinions about your life into high consideration, then chances are when they lecture you to “stop dating that boy/girl,” you listen, and you listen good.

But what if this lover really is the love of your life? If you know deep down this person’s really worth it, all it takes is some elbow grease. And maybe some sucking up, too.

First, you need to reach a compromise. Never fight fire with fire with your parents because your parents will always win. (You do still want need them to help you fund college, don’t you?) Your parents are about twenty years older than you, meaning they grew up in a different generation with different opinions and values. They will hold on to their original beliefs because to them, this is right and your biker boyfriend is wrong.

Acknowledge their feelings and then express your own concerns in a clear and respectful manner. Say something like, “I understand that my girlfriend/boyfriends does _____ that you disapprove of, but there are many more aspects to them.” Then go on and on about the amazing things they do!

Whatever you do, don’t keep your relationship a secret. You will be miserable if you choose to eventually marry this person. Also, never take sides. Taking your partner’s side will turn your family – the people that raised you, sacrificed so much for you and whom you love – against you. And taking your family’s side will only cause bickering and bitterness in your relationship.

In the end, you’re parents love and trust you and then they should trust your decision to be with this person. As long as your lover isn’t a serial killer, drug smuggling, devil worshipper, I feel confident saying that Mom and Dad will most likely come around one day.

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