Signs your ex wants you back

Alexa Johnson

So your current boyfriend or girlfriend’s ex has come back into the picture. Whether they are contacting them daily or sending sweet love notes online that you just “happen” to see, one thing is clear: it has to stop. For one, it’s just not fair. They should be history now that YOU are in the picture. There can only be one reason for this… somebody is still in love.

Now, keep in mind, that that certain somebody could be the ex… or your current man or woman. Many times an ex will try and reappear in front of their ex’s new relationship out of jealousy. They have yet to move on fully, can see that their ex has, and are jealous.

We’ve all been there – seeing someone we used to love or crush on start something beautiful with someone new – and it sucks. Sympathize for the ex, but just a smidgen. Because no matter how heartbroken or jealous you are, the immature thing to do is try and ruin the person that used to be yours beautiful, new relationship. They should focus on being happy for their ex lover and moving on, rather than wasting all their energy finding the perfect way to sabotage you.

The most important thing to remember when this happens is not to get mad at your current boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s not their fault that their ex is going off the deep end. Now, if your guy or gal keeps replying and giving attention to their ex, thus, egging them on, you need to tell them how you feel and that you’d like them to please stop.

Honesty is such a huge value in relationships and trust is something that should never be taken for granted. If your guy or girl is coming out and telling you everything they’re ex is doing to try and contact them, be respectful and thank them for being honest with you. It’s better than them doing all of this behind your back, right!?

The ex’s behavior will likely simmer down after a few weeks of no contact. Plus, seeing their ex dating you may just be the straw to break the camel’s back for them getting over it. Try not to focus any attention on them. Focus on what really matters: you and your new boo!

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