How to get a good internship

My name is Anthony Tarantino. I am a graduate of LIU Post (formally C.W. Post) on Long Island. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration, concentration in Management. During my time in college days, a question that lingered in my mind that I never got answered was what to do about an internship. I didn’t know where to look, what kind of internship was best for me, or if it was even worth it to take time out to do an internship. Many like myself have to work fulltime jobs while attending school and internships don’t seem to be in the cards. As someone who never gave internships a chance, I can promise you that it will make a difference. Internships give you a leg up on some competition when your resume is in front of human resources compared to someone who doesn’t have any experience professionally.
I made the mistake and did not get myself an internship. An internship is great because it gives you the chance to learn more about a specific career as well as get experience working in a corporate setting. Also, as a former recruiter and currently a Human Resource professional, internships stand out when selecting candidates for interviews. When my management team can interview someone who has already had experience in a field that they are interviewing for they are more likely to bring back the candidate or potentially give them an offer for fulltime.
The question lies, where do I go to find myself a good internship? When I am looking for interns at my company, first place that I go to is the career center. This should be where students go as well. Career centers have the in with all the companies locally and can help to get you in front of the right person. They have personal connection with the human resource team, and they know what internships are available.
Another suggestion on how to look for an internship is to find out companies that are local to your school or home that have careers similar to what you are interested in. For example if you are in the process of getting your degree in engineering, look for companies that have those careers in their facilities then find their career websites. Most human resource professional will post the internships on this website. If you don’t see anything, look for the HR email so that you can reach out with your resume and interest in the position. Make sure that your resume is done correctly, and that the email or cover letter that you provide to them is written well and clearly states that you are interested in their company and a possible internship with them.
When looking for internships, don’t hold yourself to only one or two. Options will always be better. Apply to as many as you can and interview as many times as you can. The more practice you have, the better of a chance you have to to landing the internship.

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