Who I Am: Style Edition

Hi guys! My name is Jennifer Gutkowski and I am a recent graduate from Boston University – circa 2013. My roots stem from the Jersey Shore, but think classy. During high school I discovered my undying love for Lauren Conrad. I watched Laguna Beach & The Hills religiously. After all these years, I currently see myself as a reflection of LC, and I completely aspire to be her. She, like me, is from a very chill beach town, and has a very down-to-earth yet feminine style.
After high school I moved to Boston, where preppy style is the norm. I embraced and fell into this style full-force, so much so that when I returned home for breaks, my friends would always ask why I was so dressed up for casual get-togethers. It wasn’t that I was overly into my appearance, just more so that when your school is legitimately in the middle of a big city, you cannot stroll into class wearing sweatpants and Uggs. I think college was the turning point where my love of personal style was formed.
Now here is a curve ball, for part of my junior year & after college I moved to Orlando, Florida and lived there for a total of two years. This is when my style took more of a drastically preppy turn. When you live in such a warm climate, I feel that happiness completely overwhelms you (even more so when you are working for the happiest place on earth..) – because of this I found myself in Lilly Prints, bright colors, and white pieces every day. And I was absolutely obsessed.
Fast forward to this June. I left Orlando, took a job in the City, and moved to Manhattan to work in Advertising. I always believed it was a rumor that New Yorkers dressed in all black, but six months later I can attest that the black portion of my wardrobe has grown two-fold and my bright flamboyant pieces are pushed to the back of my closet. It is not that the City makes you hard and unhappy, it is just that street style really influences your daily choices.
Although I am influenced by the people who surround me, I want to stay true to my roots. I believe I have now achieved the perfect balance of beachy-chill, preppy- chic, with a mix of city-cool style. I’ll be honest that while I live in J.Crew, I also enjoy certain bohemian pieces, and I ultimately die for French influence. This may be confusing to some people, but this certain balance makes me unique and I absolutely love it. While I enjoy playing with style, my true passion in makeup, so I appreciate a simple outfit that can be changed by makeup on a daily basis, which I showcase at: www.sparkleandchampagne.wordpress.com . I believe fashion, makeup, and lifestyle choices are true outlets of self-expression that can be 100% tailored to match your personal tastes!

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