Why a high school BF is not worth it

There are some great guys out there… really there are. My dad for example, is the best guy around. One of the best things he has ever taught me is that when some loser decides to break your heart – there is some other guy out there ready to fix it and make you realize why it never worked out.

Of course there are situations where something is really worth fighting for. These things are especially true for the high school crowd where some people seem to believe their life is complete if they have a significant other.
BUT OH EMMM GEEE WE’VE BEEN DATING THREE WEEKS WE’RE TOTALLY IN LOVE!!! Then a week later, he’s chatting up your best friend and you’re posting emotional subtweets and Facebook posts that “are totally not about him.”
Having a boyfriend in high school is fine. It can be fun and like the once in a blue moon chance, turn into something more.
If you don’t have a boyfriend in high school, there is NOTHING wrong with you. NOTHING. You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself because there isn’t a guy texting/calling/hanging out with you non-stop. That should determine how you feel or measure your own self worth.
High school is the time to make great friendships and people to get you by some of the worst years of your life and ready for the next four – the best four.
Not having a boyfriend doesn’t make you less beautiful, smart, funny, athletic, compassionate or just an all out amazing human being. Relax and just be your own beautiful and independent self. The right person will come along at the right time. When that happens you will know. For now, enjoy your friends and family. Family will always last longer than any relationship.

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