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Madeleine Richards is a senior at Brigham Young University, graduating in just a few weeks. She will receive her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a Journalism Emphasis, and a minor in Digital Humanities. Madeleine has just started a job doing marketing for a major West-Coast car company, and produces for a Salt Lake City news station on-call. Madeleine is very experienced with writing, news, marketing, social media, among other things. She has lots of insights about how to navigate college, and can’t wait to share!

All your high school seniors out there are getting ready for the next big step. You’ve filled out applications, taken the SAT or ACT tests, researched the best options for you, and for some of you, have decided where your college experience is going to take place. For a lot of you, there probably was no question about if you should go to college. For others, it was a battle, a big decision, and one that you didn’t make lightly.

So, why college? Why spend a lot of money, time, energy, and effort, for that diploma? Here’s why:

1. Career opportunities. This seems fairly obvious. Going to college and getting more education will open doors for career options and opportunities that are only available to college graduates. Most jobs these days require at least a bachelor’s degree, and even more advanced degrees are desirable more and more often. Going to college will be the first step in a great career.
2. Learning. This is another fairly obvious reason to choose college, but it’s sometimes overlooked. There is always more to learn! College lets you delve deeper into some of the most interesting parts of life. Going to college helps you on your quest to become a lifetime learner.
3. Experiences. From internships, to college jobs, to learning how to live with roommates, college will offer you diverse experiences that might not have been available to you without the help of your university. Take advantage of the doors that are opened, and really make the most of the experiences you’ll get to have at college.
4. Becoming an adult. College is an amazing way to transition from living at home, to the real world. College gives you the opportunity to live on your own, set your schedule, decide if you’re going to go to class and do homework, etc. This freedom lets you really develop as a person, and discover who you really are.
5. Social life. This is a major draw for lots of college students. While it’s not the most important aspect of college life, it is a huge plus. Going to college will allow you to make friends that you will have for life. It helps you meet people who share the same interests as you, from French Literature to Star Wars. These social ties can lead to networking opportunities, as well as friendships and relationships that can last.
6. Becoming a better you. Going to college is one of those steps in life that can help you become a better person. You’ll learn, grow, and become stronger by facing the challenges and excitement of college.

So if you weren’t sure about why choosing college is the best option, or if you hadn’t even thought to wonder why college is the best option, now hopefully you understand a little more about the great experience college can be. Deciding to go to college is an incredible choice, and one that you won’t regret. You’ll learn so much about the world, and become a stronger person by attending college. The question really shouldn’t be, “why go to college,” but rather, “why not?”


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