Why College is So Great

You’ve probably heard adults in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even in their 60s tell you how great their college experience was. With the pressure of picking the right major, dealing with tuition, hitting assignment deadlines, and a host of all sorts of other problems, you might be wondering what the heck these adults are talking about.
Here is a little insight.

First Taste of Real Freedom

Before college you lived under your parents’ roof and under their rules. When you go to college, they no longer have control of your day-to-day activities. The people you are now surrounded by, be it your roommate or your classmates or your professors, don’t care what you do. You will come and go as you please and that’s a great feeling.

Finally an Adult

The adults at college, meaning professors or advisors or councilors, will treat you like an equal. If you are a student at their college, they automatically assume that you are smart enough to be there. That and they have been around truly talented young people and know what students are capable of. They expect that same intelligence from you and treat you accordingly. It is so startling different from high school teachers who just dictate at you, that you will sigh in relief and pleasure. Finally, you’re at the adults table with people who genuinely want to hear your thoughts and opinions instead of at the kids table.

Learning is Fun

At college, you pick your major and you have a host of electives to choose from. Almost all of your classes will be your choice. You will be spending your time learning topics that you are genuinely interested in. That is exciting and fun. Also, your mind will expand as new concepts and thought processes you’ve never even imagined existed are openly discussed among your peers who are at your level of intellect. Your thoughts and opinions will change so drastically on topics that your head will spin in a dizzying array of possibilities.

A Fresh Start

College gives you a brand new start on life. No one knows you. No one has any preconceived notions that have stuck to you since grade school. Here you have a clean slate to try out new things without anyone judging you. Also, you will find that unique opportunities will pop up. Maybe back home no one would have invited you to a hockey game because they thought ahead of time that you wouldn’t be into it. In college, you might get that invitation and end up going and having a blast. The possibilities are endless.

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