Why College

By De’Janel Henry, graduate student Middle Tennessee State University, Bronx, New York

High school graduation is approaching, and everyone is receiving their acceptance letters in the mail from the school of their dreams. Some have already received acceptance into their dream schools by applying during the early admission, know what school they are going to, and plan to begin sending out invites to their summer going away parties. The popular question a lot of students ask before and after they walk across that high school milestone of completion, is what now? “What will I do now that I am not forced to go to school every day by my parents and the law? “Why can’t I get just get a job, move out of my parent’s home, and get my own apartment? “What am I going to study if I do decide to go to college?” And of course the most challenging question of them all, “How will I pay for my education. No worries! All of these questions are great to think about, ask, and be nervous about. Honestly, if these are the kind of questions that you are asking yourself, you are on the right path for furthering your education and seeking a world of opportunities.
A campus with beautiful green grass, dormitory life with a roommate who is just as new and lost as you, the option of morning or afternoon classes, and access to all the amenities of the school such as the library, food court, and recreation center are just some of the small things that college will bring. The world, in light of opportunities, begins to make a mark on one’s life once upon entering a university or college. That help allows easier access to the steps for reaching one’s full potential in their academic endeavors. Colleagues, professors, academic advisors, study departmental members, resident assistants, and campus organizations to name a few are some of the supportive figures on the yard to help students like us survive college’s toughest challenge, the transition. College is not easy. Academically, mentally, and emotionally it will begin to take its toll in the early stages. Not to mention the physically, freshman 15, having all the access to the cafeteria and other campus eateries.
However, the transitional period of being homesick, stressed, confused or even overwhelmed is common for students. And the most important factor to add in is that, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Just about every student from every ethnic group and educational background is faced with similar mixed emotions and gets cold feet when deciding if college is a good fit for them. The biggest factor that causes the decision is the price for receiving an education. Yes, furthering your education is pricey and causes one to think what school is suitable for them. However, there is free money out there. Scholarships, grants, and a large variety of educational departments provide many ways to help promote paying for your education.

With the pressure of family, friends and outside important people convincing you that college is the only option after high school, college no longer feels like a personal decision any longer. I am here to tell you, that it is! Why College? To break barriers of being normal in society, but a degree above to know the difference. Time to apply!

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