Why Cruelty Free?

My name is Renee and I am the creator/writer of Lifestyle and Beauty Honestly.

I started my blog in the month of October 2013 thinking that I would write about any beauty product that took my fancy. After looking deeper into the way these cosmetics were produced I discovered that a lot of my favourite makeup brands tested on animals. I started to do a bit of research into animal testing and I immediately stopped buying these brands and have changed my thinking about what cosmetics I purchase. I have never looked back.

These days my blog focuses only on cruelty free cosmetics. I write reviews, show some makeup looks, and take pictures of many, many swatches. When I’m feelin’ chatty I will let you in on a family outing or a yummy recipe. I also write about some of the truths behind the commercial animal industry.

Thank you for reading and sharing in the discovery of the wonderful world of cruelty free living.
I started as a beauty blogger in October 2013. I just had a baby in June and I was ready to start a hobby. Having always enjoyed writing and as a qualified beauty therapist, beauty blogging seemed like a natural way to go. Being a curious person, I researched what ingredients were in the usual drug store brands and then read up a bit more on how they were produced. To my horror I learnt that animals were not safe in the production of some cosmetics and it sickened me. I decided that I would use my blog to inform people about cruelty free cosmetics and skincare.
In case you didn’t know, some cosmetic brands hire a third party to conduct tests on animals while they are producing your favourite mascara or foundation. These test are painful and terrifying and small animals have chemicals slathered on red raw skin and dripped into their eyes. Not only are these tests unnecessary—there are many fine companies out there that do not test on animals—but they are inhumane as well!
It’s simple to go cruelty free, here’s how:
1. Do your research. Find out what brands are cruelty free. A good place to start is the Leaping Bunny Program (http://www.leapingbunny.org/) and also PETA (http://www.peta.org/). These websites have a list of cruelty free brands that will make it easier when you go out shopping.
2. Checkout your makeup bag. Have a look at what brands you keep and check if they are cruelty free, if not no worries because it means that you know to avoid them next time. Make a list of what your need to replace soon and then you can have some fun shopping around for a great cruelty free alternative. Everything from shaving cream, toothpaste, lipstick and hair dyes all have cruelty free alternatives.
3. Read your labels. If you are in a hurry and there is nothing on the shelves that you recognise, just see if it has vegan or a certified cruelty free bunny label (watch out for fakes). If it doesn’t move on.
4. You do make a difference. Every person has a part to play. By holding your money back and making a stand against animal cruelty you have not been fuelling it. Feel better?
5. One step at a time. Don’t feel overwhelmed when your looking at going cruelty free, just replace one thing at a time with a cruelty free alternative. E.g., mascaras only last about three months, why not try an animal friendly mascara next?
The more we fight for and support cruelty free cosmetics, the more companies will realise that it is not just their name or the newest A-list celebrity to grace their ad campaign that is important to their customers, it’s their ethics and compassion.

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