Dressing to Impress

Nicki Wolanski is a senior at the University of Cincinnati studying Communication. Her main focus of study is public relation and media studies. She is a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and also a Bearcast Radio DJ. Nicki’s two favorite things in life are pop culture and her dog.

You wake up and crawl out of bed. You have 10 AM class, and you still feel the effects of the 2-dollar margarita night. You grab the pair of dirty sweats on the floor and throw your hair in a bun. As you look in the mirror you see the smeared make up on your face and loose hairs sticking out of your bun. You are unsatisfied with your appearance but who care’s no one will see you. Right?
After almost four years of college, there were more than a few days I wouldn’t care what I looked like, however I learned that dressing nice was important. I’m not talking about looking like your going out on the red carpet but the way you present yourself shows your peers what kind of person you are. My biggest go to outfit after a long night of studying or out with my friends are my leggings, boots, and casual tunic or long sweater. I will spend at least 5 to 10 minutes on a simple make-up foundation whether it would be a simple powder and primer and liner and/or mascara.
Also take it into affect when you have presentations in certain classes. I always dress for success on the day of presentation because I feel more confident in front of the class when I’m doing the presentation, and I want to present myself the way I feel like I should when I’m presenting at a potential job.
Finally it is important to dress for success because it’s important for you to feel confident. College is a confusing process of ups and downs. My biggest struggle in college was the way I looked. I dress to impress to feel good about myself and create a positive energy around me.

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