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Film is a form of art, just like a painting, photograph or sculpture.  To truly understand the art of filmmaking, it takes knowledge of history of the medium, its aesthetics, crafts, genres and directors, and it takes the ability to put all of these into a global context.  Film studies is a subject for individuals who are analytical in nature and can think on a theory-based nature instead of practical-based.

A type of literacy known as “visual literacy” is required and often what entices students to step into film studies.  It’s a way of looking at the world and images around us, learning how to use them as moving imagines intelligently and creatively.  I

Filmmaking is a vastly growing industry, and there are so many different directions a film studies major can take with his or her career.  Careers are available in narrative as well as documentary filmmaking, media journalism, and television or Internet marketing.  Careers are available for more non-traditional film jobs, as well, with many graduates using their degrees to produce informational and marketing films for non-profit organizations, businesses, educational institutions, commercials and government.

Careers are also available for those who love to teach.  Many high schools include broadcasting as an elective with students putting together, directing and producing the school’s news.  This requires the assistance and oversight of a knowledgeable instructor.  Graduates who go on to obtain their Master’s Degree can teach at the community college level, and those who go even further to obtain a PhD can teach at the college level.  Teaching topics can be about anything from movies, entertainment law, film producing, and more.  Many students even go onto law school once obtaining and undergraduate degree to focus solely on entertainment law.

Film studies can even open careers for students to become independent filmmakers on their own, producing documentary or entertainment films in the future.  While these careers are fewer than the others listed above, the options are unlimited, and for that reason, the career of filmmaking is such a fast-growing industry.

Barnard Film Studies Program:  http://film.barnard.edu/

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