Why I Get Up Early (And So Should You)

Eric is a third year at THE Ohio State University. He is majoring in marketing with minors in economics and psychology. Eric is a native of Cincinnati, lactose tolerant, and a guacamole enthusiast. Eric’s hobbies include competing with the men’s rowing team, and yelling at the television while watching Buckeye football.

I am awake before the sun comes up almost every day. My alarm clock goes off every week day around 4:30am. I wake up, get dressed, grab some water, and get in my car. From there I pick up a few teammates, and make the twenty five minute drive out to practice. I am on the men’s rowing team at my university. On most days, I have rowed about fifteen kilometers, and am back in my apartment showering before any of my roommates are awake.

I used to hate getting up early. When I was in high school I played water polo and I would have an occasional morning practice before school. I hated every one of them. I was literally dragging myself out of bed and down the stairs in the morning. I never fully woke up until I hit the cold water during the warm-up swim. I always made it to practice; usually arriving late, but I would make it. These practices started late in comparison to when my practice starts now, in high school practice I got to sleep in until 5:30pm.

Now, I embrace the early mornings. I look forward to chasing the sunrise back into the dock. The reason is the sense of accomplishment. When I make it into the shower after practice, I am sweaty; I am sore, and I smelly vaguely of river. That shower feels amazing. When I wash the feel of practice off of me, I know that I have worked hard, and even if I don’t do anything else that day, I have at least given my full effort into something. And once I accomplish one thing, the snowball effect starts happening.

Now, I am not saying that you should wake up as early as I do. In fact; I suggest against it. But what you should do, is get up just a little bit earlier than you absolutely need to. I know how tempting it is to just roll out of bed right before class. It is very easy and convenient to be that person who wears their pajamas to class every day, but that person is not going to be the one maximizing their time in order to get ahead in school, or in life.

My biggest suggestion for any college student would be to wake up early. Just early enough that you can finish one task before you need to get ready for class. It can be as simple as making your bed or responding to a few emails. Completing one task can really get you on a roll for the rest of the day. Checking one item off of your to do list leads to checking off a lot more of them. Putting in the effort to wake up just an hour earlier than you usually do can lead you to have a much more productive day. So set that alarm clock and turn up the volume a little louder, and learn to be a lot more productive tomorrow.

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