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Tara Tomasko is a marketing professional and freelancer who loves creating marketing concepts and working out the logistics. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Temple University while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 2013. Career oriented she enjoys helping others find their passion, and how best to land their dream job. She loves traveling, ice skating, reading, and couponing! She has a thrifty couponing website called Young, Thrifty & Fabulous (

As I graduated with four internships under my belt, I am a huge advocate of the importance of internships. Internships are becoming more popular than ever and can be a deciding factor when applying for jobs after college. Students should use these real world experiences to their advantages to get a better understanding of their future career while they are in school. Here are some reasons why you should get an internship:

Test Drive Your Career
An internship is a great way to learn what you want to after school or even better yet, what you don’t want to do! While on the job you will get a better idea of what type of workplace environment you would like to work in, what tasks and duties you enjoy, and if ultimately this field is right for you. Originally, I wanted to focus my career path in advertising until I had an internship in marketing and found I enjoyed it better! If I had not had that marketing internship, I might have chosen a different career path for myself.

Establish Experience
As you may have heard, nowadays it can be difficult getting a job right out of college. A good way to set yourself apart from other candidates is by having an internship on your resume. It builds credibility that not only had a previous company trusted you but that you know how to work inside an office. At your internship you have can build your experience by learning a new skill, software, or technique on the job.

Start ASAP
I didn’t start my internships till my junior year of college, which seems to be typical, but I still regret not starting sooner on being interested in participating in internships earlier. The earlier you start with internships the more you can learn, grow, and build your resume. Although some companies require a specific year of an intern there are plenty of companies that will hire you when you are a freshmen or sophomore; you just need to find them!

Possibly the most important thing about an internship is the opportunity to network. Networking is a great way to find a mentor, someone who is in your field who can give you advice on career paths and tips along the way. A mentor can help critique your resume, look over your cover letter, give tips on how to act in an interview, and so much more! It can also be a great way to learn about new internships and jobs. Remember to not only network and stay in touch with your old bosses, but the other interns as well; you never know where they may end up and how it could help you in the future!

Securing an internship while in school is a great way to obtain experience and it will be much easier when it comes time to apply for jobs. Take the opportunity while you are in school to explore your career options, learn your likes and dislikes, and broaden your horizon!

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