Why is Fashion Important?

Toni is a multi-talented, enthusiastic, and energetic graduating senior. She studies Fashion Merchandise at Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte, NC while also transitioning into her concentration Marketing and Communications. Toni’s proudest moments were being published in three magazine publications and gaining experience as a freelance writer for a fashion marketing event firm.
I am completely fascinated with every project that comes my way. I always tell myself that nothing beats time and effort. Whatever opportunities you get, you grab it by the chokehold and master it in every way possible. Don’t ever overlook any opportunities. Even if it is a challenge take it as added experience to your resume and as a learning curve. I am a head-strong determined fashion editor motivated by my family and my ever evolving future.

There are many different views on fashion and its importance in the world today. Editor for Elle Magazine stated that, Fashion can be a state of mind, a spirit, or an extension of one’s self. Some people say that it’s irrelevant, and some say that it’s a vital part of life. Our interpretations about fashion are based on what we think about life and how we perceive the role of it in our everyday lives. Even in today’s world most people still don’t see why the topic of fashion should be a discussion; however fashion is important because we still use it to be civilized, to represent our many cultures, and to represent our different styles.
We wear clothes to be civilized in today’s society. The prehistoric clothing didn’t host much style but it was one of the first fashions ever. Although, for them fashion came about as protection from insects, the environment and the weather. It wasn’t until the time of the Egyptians in ancient civilization when historic clothing started to get fashionable and people started to create their own personal style. They would add dyes and jewels sheer fabrics and woven flax, the principal crop along the Nile.
Now, designers still use those concepts to shape their collections and their brand. Knowing the history of fashion helps us to better understand not only how important it is, but it also justifies why we respect the first man kind for their creative work in today’s modern times.
We’ve come a long way from the flapper style of the Roaring 1920’s, the hippie 1960’s, disco 1970’s, punk style of the 80’s and the urban style of the 1990’s. American culture changes rapidly. People depend on fashion in all of today’s culture because it is important to know the different fashion and customs of the different regions to understand the many worldly cultures.
Style is another factor in why fashion is so important. Everyone has his/her own style. Those who don’t care about fashion and just throw on anything to go out still have their own sense of style. If you just throw on a pair of baggy sweats, a t-shirt and a pair of flip flops well congratulations! You’ve just created your own style, the laid back casual look. Style can be influenced by the person you are, music you listen to, and what concerns you the most.
If you’re one of those people who don’t care about what others think, then that’s going to show through your wardrobe. It’s the same even if you’re one of those people whose always in “the know” about the latest trends then that’s definitely going to show through your style too. Style comes from your personality and everyone has one of those so fashions and style is always going to be a topic. Your style doesn’t always have to be a judgmental issue and that’s where most who don’t care about the world of fashion get it all wrong. You should be proud of your personal style because it’s a way of classifying who you are without having to explain yourself. So the next time you start to question why you should develop a career in fashion or why fashion is important, simply realize that fashion will always be a part of our ever evolving world impacted by our society.
The infamous Coco Chanel once pointed out, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.

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