Be yourself in a relationship

It is important to be yourself when you are in a dating relationship. It can be difficult to do this when there are numerous self-help books telling women the best rules to follow for dating or when you have your friends telling you what you should do and how you should act in your relationship. Although some of the dating rules and advice are great and can be beneficial in your relationship, the most important thing is to be yourself.

If you are completely yourself and are an open book to your partner, you will know for sure if your partner loves you for who you truly are. It is hard for someone to love you for who you really are if you never show them who that person is. Isn’t it best to know that a guy loves you for who you are and not for someone you are pretending to be to please him?

Trust me, if you are putting on a show and pretending to be someone you aren’t, you will eventually get tired of it and he will eventually find out. Save both of you some precious time and work, and just be yourself from the beginning. There is nothing more flattering and heart-warming than knowing a guy is in love with the real you.

While some dating rules are definitely good to follow and can help a relationship stay healthy, over-thinking the rules can cause you to ruin something that could have been truly beautiful. Pick and choose the rules you think you should apply to your relationship and the advice that you will listen to. You have to use your own judgment to decide what is best for your relationship; after all, you are the one in the relationship, not your friend and not the person who wrote that self-help book. Be yourself, and everything will work out how it is supposed to.

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